Spalding County is located in the west-central part of Georgia and encompasses 201 square miles. Bordered by Clayton, Coweta, Fayette, Henry, Butts, Lamar, Pike, and Meriwether counties, Spalding County lies 40 miles south of downtown Atlanta and 55 miles northwest of Macon.

Spalding County is a part of the Atlanta Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).


Recycling Department FAQ's

The recycling centers are now open four days a week from 7AM to 7PM. Centers are closed Sunday’s, Wednesday’s, Fridays, Easter, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

1. Where can I recycle in Griffin?
Many places. Co-mingle recycling curbside in the city, or at the 5 Collection Centers in the County. Other materials are collected at various drop off sites of which a few are listed below.

bullet Akin , 841 South McDonough Road
bullet Blalock, 5767 Newnan Road
bullet Cabin, 3865 Jackson Road
bullet Carver, 610 Carver Road
bullet Woodroof, 4245 Old Atlanta Road

2. What do the Collection Centers collect?
Many items including: bagged household garbage; large, bulky items such as furniture, mattresses, TV’s, and other large items that on occasion are generated by a resident, scrap metal such as washing machines, dryers, water heaters, gutters, metal pots and pans, and other metal objects that do not contain freon; the following recyclables – newspaper, magazines, office paper, phonebooks, cardboard, aluminum cans, tin cans, glass food and beverage containers.

3. What does Carver Road collect that is not offered at the other Collection Centers?
Yard debris such as limbs less than 6” in diameter, grass clippings, shrubbery pruning, leaves, etc.

4. What is not accepted at the Collection Centers?
Construction and demolition materials such as lumber, roofing, blocks, bricks, concrete, rubble, stumps, dirt, flooring and other building debris generated as a result of remodeling, new construction or other building project; liquid wastes – paint must be a solid before being disposed of; hazardous waste; tires; used oil; anything containing freon.

5. How do you turn liquid paint into a solid?
Open the can on a sunny day and allow to air dry or add cat litter, sand or sawdust to it to absorb the liquid. Once it is no longer a liquid it may be disposed of with bagged household garbage.

6. Where can I dispose of construction and demolition materials?
At the City of Griffin/Spalding County Construction and Demolition Materials Landfill and Compost Site located on Shoal Creek Road, phone number 770-228-0430.

7. How do I dispose of an item containing freon?
Trade the old one in when buying a new one or sale or give away to a used appliance shop. The freon must be removed by a certified technician properly licensed, trained and equipped to capture the freon. Possible $25,000 dollar fine for illegally disposing of freon. Used appliance shops can usually help or call 770-467-4262.

8. How do I dispose of used motor oil?
Most places that sell oil collect it for recycling. Ask at your favorite auto parts store for more information or call 770-467-4262.

9. How do I dispose of tires?
The best advice is not to accumulate used tires. When new ones are purchased you are charged a disposal fee on the old ones. Leave the old ones at the store. If you have accumulated old tires contact a store that sells tires and inquire about disposal. Quality Tire Recycling in Jackson, Georgia 770-775-3304.

10. Name and Locations of Collection Centers.

bullet Akin Collection Center, 841 South McDonough Road - 770-467-4258
bullet Blalock Collection Center, 5756 Newnan Road - 770-467-4297
bullet Cabin Collection Center, 3865 Jackson Road - 770-467-4235
bullet Carver Collection Center, 610 Carver Road - 770-467-4778
bullet Woodroof Collection Center, 4245 Old Atlanta Road - 770-467-4238

11. Why do attendants at the Collection Centers always look at my tag?
The Collection Centers and other waste collection sites are for Spalding County residents only. Checking car tags is one way to identify people as Spalding County residents. People who do not live in Spalding County cannot take advantage of this service.

12. What can be done about the litter problem?
Ask people not to litter. It is against the law. The littering behavior must be changed. Call Keep Griffin/Spalding Beautiful and volunteer, 770-228-8420 or report littering to Code Enforcement 770-467-4209.

13. I want to recycle, how do I get started?
Make the decision and start. A bin to hold your recyclables will help and local stores sell lots of sizes. Know what is collected in your community then decide how many of those items you can recycle. Some preparation is required and separating at the time of disposal will save you time. Here are a few hints:

bullet Rinse all food and beverage containers to discourage odors and insects.
bullet Flatten all cardboard boxes.
bullet Keep newspapers and magazines in separate bins. They are collected separately.
bullet Don’t break glass containers; they are easier to handle if not broken.
bullet Dedicate one bin, or barrel depending on your thirst, to aluminum and either sell at a buyback center or give away to a charity. A good one is at the Collection Centers where aluminum cans are collected for the Georgia Children’s Burn Foundation.
bullet Collect plastic, tin cans, cardboard, aluminum and glass etc. Place in the co-mingle bin at the Centers.

14. Free mulch available at all Collection Centers.
Load at own risk, by hand only, no type of equipment or machinery is allowed.

bullet Akin , 841 South McDonough Road
bullet Blalock, 5767 Newnan Road
bullet Cabin, 3865 Jackson Road
bullet Carver, 610 Carver Road
bullet Woodroof, 4245 Old Atlanta Road

15. Buy Back Centers

Aluminum & Scrap Metals
1. Bare Metals LLC.
   1500 Kalamazoo Drive
  3. Spalding Recycling
    1360 Meriwether St.
2. Blaze Recycling and Metals
   815 E. Slaton Avenue
  4. Sunny Side Recycling
   3838 19/41 Expressway
Junked Autos
1. A&B Auto Salvage Inc.
    1523 High Falls Road
  3. Johnson Auto Salvage
    1029 County Line Road
2. Bob's Auto Salvage Parts
    US 19 at Patton Road
  4. Andrews Auto Salvage
   2343 N. Expressway

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