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April 23rd, 2019

The Griffin Gun Club hosted the Georgia 4-H Northwest District Project S.A.F.E. (Shooting Awareness, Fun, and Education) Modified Trap State Qualification Matches on April 20, 2019. There were 240 4-H participants from grades 7-12, representing 4-H Clubs from 20 counties. Griffin Gun Club members assisted with the event.

The 4-H’ers competed to qualify for the State Modified Trap Target Challenge Weekend Match to be held near Rock Eagle 4-H Center on May 11. To qualify, 4-H Juniors (grades 7 and 8) must break at least 16 out of 25 clay targets. The 4-H Seniors (grades 9-12) must break at least 20 out of 25 targets.

The targets are thrown, one at a time, by a trap that randomly oscillates up to 45 degrees to the left and right of center and wobbles the elevation from 0-35 degrees. Target speed is from 49-53 mph. Tie-breakers, in the top scores in either age division, require the 4-H’ers to shoot at two targets thrown simultaneously. One trap throws targets as a near straight away and a second trap throws a target 35-45 degrees left of center. Five pairs of targets are thrown to determine the best scores out of the 10 targets. The shooter stands to the left of the trap(s) with a dividing screen set to prevent the 4-Her from being able to see the traps. If additional rounds of doubles become necessary, the shooting station may be moved to the left of the traps or the elevation of the thrown targets may be lowered.

Awards are provided to the top-scoring individuals and to the top-scoring teams of 4- 5 members in each of the two age divisions. Each county has 4-H certified coaches who volunteer to help teach the 4-H’ers shotgun safety, handling, and shooting skills. In addition, the 4-H’ers learn life skills such as teamwork, emotional control, task focus, and leadership.

The Spalding County Junior team consists of Abbey Deal, Allie Miller, Alan Pye, and Rhett Samples. The Spalding County Senior Team is made up of Casey Jackson, Casey McDernitt, Gabe Whitlock, and Taylor Wynne. The teams are coached by Sam Rutledge and Michael Coble. The shooters who qualified for the State Modified Trap Target Challenge Weekend are Abbey Deal, Allie Miller, Alan Pye, and Taylor Wynne.

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