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Uniform Patrol and GCIC

Spalding County’s Uniform Patrol is run under the guidance & leadership of Major Jeff Eidson. (Bio)

Contact: or 770.467.4282 (ext. 31438)

The Uniform Patrol Division of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office answers 911 calls for service in unincorporated Spalding County. Uniform Patrol is responsible for enforcing State Law and County Ordinances in unincorporated Spalding County. Uniform Patrol is also responsible for preliminary investigations, responding to manmade and natural disasters. Uniform Patrol responds to traffic accidents and restores traffic flow when necessary. Uniform Patrol assists all other division of the Sheriff’s Office, EMS, Fire Department and the City of Griffin when needed.

Uniform Patrol is made up of 4 shifts and each shift works for 12 hours during their tour of duty. Uniform Patrol Division operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Uniform Patrol also has three part time employees to handle school crossings at three schools in the county.

The GCIC Operations Unit for the Sheriff’s Office is also part of the Uniform Patrol Division. The GCIC Operations Unit handles all of the GCIC/ NCIC work for the Sheriff’s Office, this includes entering stolen items, entering  active  warrants,  missing persons, stolen  vehicles, queries of entered data and  agency wide GCIC training. The GCIC Operations Unit also provides research data to units in the field. The GCIC Operations Unit operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Spalding County, GA