View Spalding County Commission meetings live on the evening the Board meets, CLICK HERE.  Then locate the date of the meeting, once the meeting is live a camera icon will appear to the left of the meeting date.

Find updates on Spalding County Government Offices, the Courts, Recreation, Schools and Health Organizations.

Contact Us

Spalding County Administrative Offices
119 E. Solomon Street
Griffin, Georgia 30223

Contact Numbers:

Animal Control(770) 467-4772 Health Department(770) 467-4740
Board of Commissioners(770) 467-4280Juvenile Probation(770) 467-4730
Clerk of CourtMagistrate Court(770) 467-4321
Civil(770) 467-4746Parks & Recreation(770) 467-4750
Criminal(770) 467-4745Probate Court(770) 467-4341
Real Estate(770) 467-4356Public Works(770) 467-4774
Traffic(770) 467-4747Public Defender(770) 467-4725
Community DevelopmentSheriff’s Office(770) 467-4282
Building Permits/Planning & Zoning(770) 467-4220Solicitor’s Office(770) 467-4350
Business & Alcohol Licensing(770) 467-4208Tax Assessor(770) 467-4240
County Manager(770) 467-4280Tax Commissioner
District Attorney(770) 467-4310Tax Office(770) 467-4360
Fire Department(770) 228-2129Tag Office(770) 467-4380
Human Resources(770) 467-4231Water Department(770) 467-4208

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