If you cannot make it in person you can view Spalding County Commission meetings live: CLICK HERE.

Contact Us

Spalding County Administrative Offices
119 E. Solomon Street
Griffin, Georgia 30223

Contact Numbers:

Animal Control(770) 467-4772 Health Department(770) 467-4740
Board of Commissioners(770) 467-4280Juvenile Probation(770) 467-4730
Clerk of CourtMagistrate Court(770) 467-4321
Civil(770) 467-4746Parks & Recreation(770) 467-4750
Criminal(770) 467-4745Probate Court(770) 467-4341
Real Estate(770) 467-4356Public Works(770) 467-4774
Traffic(770) 467-4747Public Defender(770) 467-4725
Community DevelopmentSheriff’s Office(770) 467-4282
Building Permits/Planning & Zoning(770) 467-4220Solicitor’s Office(770) 467-4350
Business & Alcohol Licensing(770) 467-4208Tax Assessor(770) 467-4240
County Manager(770) 467-4280Tax Commissioner
District Attorney(770) 467-4310Tax Office(770) 467-4360
Fire Department(770) 228-2129Tag Office(770) 467-4380
Human Resources(770) 467-4231Water Department(770) 467-4208

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