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January 17th, 2019

The Spalding County Board of Commissioners need your assistance in establishing and setting up a TSPLOST Committee. The State of Georgia and the Federal Government have been restricted in providing funding for infrastructure for several years. We now have the opportunity to provide for our own infrastructure improvements through a one cent Transportation SPLOST.

We are looking for individuals who are motivated to learn more about programs available to our community, who are willing to work toward a goal and who can deliver a message. The TSPLOST program is already benefiting those counties that passed it in years past. Counties like Dekalb have announced that they will be paving 200 miles of road that needs replacement and repair from funding received from their TSPLOST.

TSPLOST funding can be utilized for paving of roads, repair or replacement of bridges, Bike Trails, Sidewalks, transit service expansion, etc. Over the last 10-15 years, the only money available to the Counties for paving of roads has been the Local Maintenance & Improvement Grant (LMIG) through the Georgia Department of Transportation. A TSPLOST will provide funds for the County to make improvements immediately, it will provide matching funds for grants that we currently are not qualified for because we do not have funding available for a match.

Come and be a part of this important team to further improve the quality of our roads and assist in improving transportation and the quality of life our community. An interesting note is that approximately 40% of the funds raised by a SPLOST or TSPLOST are paid by citizens from outside of the County who come into Spalding County to shop and take advantage of restaurants, hotels and other services available. If a TSPLOST should pass, these folks will be contributing to the roads, the bridges, the sidewalks and whatever other transportation projects that are approved on the ballot.

We need your input. If you are interested in becoming a member of this committee, please contact County Manager William Wilson at

Spalding County, GA