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October 29th, 2018

The Spalding County Fire Department would like to remind everyone about the “Change your clock, Change your battery” Campaign this weekend. This initiative encourages the changing of smoke detector batteries at the same time as you change your clocks to Daylight Savings Time. This campaign is a simple reminder to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors when you change your clocks.

The importance of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are vital in the effort to save lives and prevent needless injuries. The simple and lifesaving habit of changing batteries in smoke detectors when the time changes can dramatically increase your chance of survival should a fire occur. Keep in mind that the peak time for home fire fatalities is between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., when most people are sleeping. A smoke detector can give you and your family those added seconds that you may need to be able to escape a fire.

In addition, to the importance of batteries in smoke detectors is the importance of testing the smoke detectors on a monthly basis, having a family fire escape plan that notes at least 2 ways out of each room and practicing that plan. The fire escape plan should include a meeting place that all family members are aware of and should go to in the event you need to evacuate your home. Please consider that all of these preparations can be completed in the extra hour that you get with the time change.

For more information, contact Spalding County Fire Department at (770)228-2129.

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