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Spalding County Fire Department’s Fire Marshall’s Office Shuts Down Country Inn and Suites

August 10th, 2017

On August 18, 2017, the Spalding County Fire Department issued a letter of cease and desist to Country Inn and Suites, located at 1900 North Expressway, as a result of a failure to correct numerous violations. All occupants of the establishment will be required to vacate the premises by 6PM Saturday, August 19th.

Beginning on June 19th, 2017, inspectors from the Spalding County Fire Department made the owner aware of several issues found during an annual fire inspection and began the process of advisement so that the business could be brought up to the current standards of state and national fire codes. During a follow-up and subsequent inspections it was discovered that only a small number of the issues had been addressed. This resulted in a total of 17 citations being issued to the owner, listing infractions that ranged from minor issues, to others that were deemed as having the potential to place the public at great risk when visiting the premises. After the owner failed to appear for a scheduled court date to address the citations, it was determined that the business would be shut down until further notice.

According to Fire Chief Kenny West, the decision to issue a cease and desist was not made lightly. He went on to state that “While we strive to maintain a positive and productive relationship with all the businesses of Spalding County, offering assistance whenever we can, we must also keep in mind that the core mission of the Spalding County Fire Department is the protection of the lives and property of our citizens. The fire codes are a set of rules prescribing the minimum requirements to prevent fire, explosion, and other hazards from arising due to unacceptable conditions. In this particular instance, based on the violations found, we feel justified in taking the necessary steps to ensure that the danger to potential guests as well as the staff of Country Inn and Suites is properly addressed.”

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