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October 10th, 2018

Spalding County Public Works announced that they will be applying HA5, a highdensity mineral bond that protects the road from degradation by UV rays and rain for 5- 7 years, to two roads in Spalding county as a cost-effective effort to maintain roads rather than wait for them to fail before fixing.

Currently, Blount Construction is scheduled to apply the preservation product to the N. McDonough Road and Vaughn Road on Tuesday, October 30th:

The addresses that will be affected are:

1515 N. McDonough Rd.
1513 N. McDonough Rd.
1511 N. McDonough Rd.
1509 N. McDonough Rd.
1507 N. McDonough Rd.
1465 N. McDonough Rd.
1405 N. McDonough Rd.
1347 N. McDonough Rd.

977 Vaughn Rd
811 Vaughn Rd.
711 Vaughn Rd.
533 Vaughn Rd.
369 Vaughn Rd.
365 Vaughn Rd.
315 Vaughn Rd.

This schedule is subject to change due to weather or other delays. Notices will be delivered to the affected residents 10 days prior to work beginning. Road signs will also be posted 7 days prior to the work beginning. This product takes approximately 8 hours to cure; therefore, travel on these roads will be restricted.

Note for residents from Blount Construction: Roads will be closed during application of HA5 beginning at 8:00 AM until the product has cured at 6:00 PM. Residents are asked to move their cars out of these areas before 7:30 AM. Golf carts will be provided to bring people to and from their houses and nearby cars while the road is closed. Do not park cars on the road or have anything else on the road on the day of application. Water will damage the product until it has cured, so please turn off your sprinklers the night before the application in your area.

The contractor is working with the mail service, but there may be a day delay when the product is applied.

Although the application of this project will cause an inconvenience, the long-term benefits are well worth it.

Should you have any questions or concerns, contact Spalding County
Public Works at
(770)467-4774 or
Keith Stephens with Blount Construction at

Spalding County, GA